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Cette vidéo travaille la compétence "Expressing readiness"

Elle est extraite de "Conducting a project monitoring meeting"


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Transcriptions de l'échange : 

Extrait de l'aide pédagogique pour  "Expressing readiness" :

It is often necessary to say that one is ready to take certain action or begin something. This is particularly the case in a professional context, where one may have to take decisions or express the idea of moving to the next stage of a process. In English there are a variety of different ways to express these ideas. Here are some examples of how one would express readiness:

Indirectly expressing readiness

·  ‘(To stay/to be) on top of things’ – Meaning to have things under control and therefore be ready for whatever happens.

We are expecting a lot of extra work this month we really need to stay on top of things.


·  ‘To be on it’ – Meaning that one has already started to do something or that one is in a position to do something.

There’s no problem with the budget review, you can tell Mary that I am on it.

Extrait du glossaire "Vocabulaire professionnel" de "Conducting a project monitoring meeting" :

to forward a mail

faire suivre un mail

Anyway, I forwarded you their mail about five minutes ago.

to be reactive

être réactif

You know Sourcephone, they get jittery if we aren't reactive.

Extrait du glossaire "Expressions idiomatiques" de "Conducting a project monitoring meeting" :

to spring to mind

venir à l'esprit

I’ll definitely talk to the database developer about the cross-referencing option. Anything else springs to mind?

to shoot off a mail

envoyer un mail

No, that's OK, I'm going to shoot off a mail to Janice now, ...

to get jittery


You know Sourcephone, they get jittery if we aren't reactive.