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Cette vidéo travaille la compétence "Asking someone to listen"

Elle est extraite de "Leading a meeting with several participants"


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Transcriptions de l'échange : 

Extrait de l'aide pédagogique pour "Asking someone to listen" :

In the workplace, and particularly in meetings, there are often occasions when people lose their focus or concentration, or when a number of people wish to express their thoughts at the same time. Naturally, these kinds of situation are problematic, as they can result in people missing out on vital information or not considering each other’s positions or ideas. In order to foster a productive, calm and mutually respectful working atmosphere, you should know how to intervene when such situations arise, and politely ask your co-workers to listen to you, or to each other.


Using idioms to ask for someone’s attention 

·  ‘To hear someone out’ 

This idiom is used to ask someone to listen in full and to every detail of something that someone has to say.  

OK … look, I have something to say, and it's important … so, I'd like you all to hear me out.

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And, well, a highly secure system doesn't come cheap ... and we simply don’t have the time to create an adequate shield with reliable features.

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d'autant plus

But let’s take it as a challenge! We can be all the more proud if we succeed …