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Cette vidéo travaille la compétence "Asking someone to wait before speaking"

Elle est extraite de "Leading a meeting with several participants"


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Transcriptions de l'échange : 

Extrait de l'aide pédagogique pour "Asking someone to wait before speaking" :

In the workplace, and in particular during work meetings, certain people can be quite aggressive in getting their point across. This might entail abruptly interrupting what others’ are saying, talking at the same time as others, or simply dominating a discussion and leaving no space for others to share their ideas. The meeting leader or facilitator should thus be able to anticipate this kind of problem and intervene in an appropriate manner. There are a number of ways to do this.

Sometimes, people will try to monopolize a discussion or attempt to speak at the wrong time. When this happens you might wish to ask them to wait. Here are some ways to do so:

·   ‘To let someone finish’

Used in the imperative to ask someone to be patient and wait a few moments until another person has finished speaking. 

Alright Laurie, just let me finish … yes, I’ve already scheduled a meeting with the client, and we can clarify all these points with him then (If you have been interrupted in the middle of a speech and you wish to tell the other person to allow you to finish making your point) 

Extrait du glossaire "Vocabulaire professionnel" de "Leading a meeting with several participants" :

follow-up meeting

réunion de suivi

So, is there any chance of a follow-up meeting with the client?